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Welcome to Self Mastery Coaching by your personal online life coach,  hypnotherapist and strategic interventionist, Elisa Bowman.


If you are here it means you are ready to take back control of your life and you have already taken the first step towards creating lasting positive changes in your life.


Here you will find a variety of online courses which are designed to deal with deep-rooted and often subconscious issues.  The tools here can facilitate the unravelling and healing of any unhelpful conditioned behaviours replacing them with new strong foundations to live better and stronger. These courses then go on to empower, guide, mentor and motivate you in your self improvement journey to reach your full potential. 


All of these courses are an easy to follow, step by step guide, set of resources, coaching classes, exercises, downloadable hypnotherapy MP3s, workbooks and other helpful tools and advice. 


There is also the option to book in for face to face or online sessions which are tailored to your needs.


Elisa's work facilitates rapid changes so that you can you to go through any necessary deep healing all the way to over achieving. 


"I believe that unless something is available to everyone, it's not innovative.  So by bringing you the latest in scientific breakthroughs, 23 years of passionate psychological study, mixed psychotherapy techniques and combining this with technology on this incredible online platform, I believe this makes my self development programs some of the most effective, accessible and affordable that are available.  Healing, self improvement, success and a peaceful mind are not exclusively for the elite; they are for everyone."

~ Elisa


Self Mastery Coaching Can Help You Now

Whether you use the online courses or have direct coaching and personalised hypnosis with Elisa, her self mastery coaching can help you improve the following areas of your life:

  • Recovery from traumatic events
  • Improved personal wellbeing
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved focus and productivity
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased confidence and feelings of self worth 
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved goal setting and achievement
  • Improved personal relationships
  • Control of addictive behaviour and compulsions
  • Improved finances
  • Increased physical activity
  • Improved eating habits and weight management
  • Improved health and injury management
  • Increased job satisfaction and work-life balance
  • Career change and business start-up support and many other areas of your life

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Course Content

Most of the course content relates to healing past traumas and personal issues.  These courses are not intended to replace face to face professional or medical help however they are intended to bridge the gap between your own unguided self help work and expensive specialist therapists to start your journey towards healing and reaching your full potential. There are a variety of different courses available, from subject matter specific short courses to longer training courses that cover many different areas and involve daily teaching over a sustained period to help you maintain motivation to reach your goals.

What is Self Mastery?

Self mastery involves using awareness of your behaviours and self discipline to improve your talents and skills to achieve your goals.  It involves taking control of your life, which you've already started to do by reading this far! This is especially helpful if you are fed up of your own self sabotage, procrastination, lack of consistency and negative mindsets.  By learning about the root causes of the negative states which hold you back, and developing a toolbox of positive actions to replace any unhelpful habits, you can progress to success.



I use a blend of informative coaching, neurolinguistic programming, strategic intervention, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques to target as many different areas of healing and building resilience in an individual.  This is designed to provide a strong platform to build on rather than masking over issues with basic self development techniques.  By doing this it enables lasting change rather than just a surface change which fades quickly.  My work is based on over 23 years of self development experience and passionate study in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and holistic therapy. 

About Me

I’m Elisa, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Strategic Interventionist and Reiki Master. 

My real passion is for helping people to fulfil their full potential and to reach peak performance through coaching. It is such an incredible privilege to help people heal and watch them break free of their past. I came from an abusive childhood on a council estate; the resulting negative mindset and self-limiting beliefs stayed with me through my early adult years, causing me to endure unhealthy, abusive relationships and a lack of fulfilment in my life. In the absence of any other support and with the determination to heal myself I studied psychology and a range of therapeutic techniques, applying and refining them until I forged the fulfilling and joyful life I have today.

Life is only as difficult as you make it; and I now have the tools to reframe any situation and change my perspective so I can deal with hard times with ease. I use the same tools to identify and pick apart the issues holding others back, helping them to take control of and redesign their own lives.


My Achievements

I have worked in modelling and musical theatre, bars and kitchens, FTSE 100 companies and law firms and worked as an IT developer.  I have owned a catering company, a jewellery business as well as working as a freelance business consultant.  

My most recent corporate role was as the Head of Legal, Risk & Compliance for a dynamic, exciting and fast growing managed IT services Plc, which I especially loved given I am a passionate advocate of women in leadership roles and  working in the science and technology sector.  

Twenty years ago, I could never have imagined achieving so much; I am not an academic genius, or a business prodigy. I don’t have an impressive educational history, apart from the courses and qualifications I have put myself through later in life. It really is all down to the powerful tools and techniques I have learned, including Neurolinguistic Programming and elite Strategic Interventionist training, and it is something I want to share with everyone.


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